Below is a summary of select wine-related bills currently in or recently passed by the New York State Legislature. Click a bill number to learn more about that particular legislation. This summary is not exhaustive, and it is not legal advice. There are many other wine-related bills pending, so be sure to check the Legislature's bill search website for the most complete and up-to-date information on state legislation that may impact the wine industry. Contact your attorney or lobbyist if you have questions about a particular measure.

The 2017 session of the 2017-2018 legislative biennium began on January 4, 2017. This table was last updated on Monday, February 20, 2017, at 21:00 EST. For subsequent legislative action and more wine-related bills, see the Legislature's website. Remember that you can search this bill tracker for key words by typing Ctrl+F and typing in your search terms. To avoid duplication, I have listed companion bills and their principal sponsors in the "Notes" column.

Each bill number links to the Legislature's updates for that measure.

Committee Acronyms

I have abbreviated committee names to save space.  Below is the key.

  • CEDSB - Commerce, Economic Development, and Small Business
  • ED - Economic Development
  • IGO - Investigation and Government Operations
  • W&M - Ways and Means
  • R&W - Racing and Wagering

Color Coding

  • Blue - passed one chamber
  • Yellow - passed both chambers
  • Green - signed by the Governor
  • Red - vetoed